Fall Foliage

2011 Foliage Season: Near-Peak in Higher Elevations

by Vermont.com Staff

“Foliage is nearing peak color on the mountainsides of the Northeast Kingdom and at higher elevations down the spine of the Green Mountains.

Vibrant foliage continues to develop around Vermont, and most areas of the state will be displaying ever more colorful foliage throughout the week. ‘The mountains in Richford and Montgomery are at mid-stage to near peak, and the lower elevations are in the early to mid stages of color,’ reports Nancy Patch, a forester in Franklin County, near the Canadian border

Likewise, foliage is nearing peak color in the Northeast Kingdom and on some of the higher elevations of the Green Mountains well into central Vermont. Look for bright color between Jay Peak and St. Johnsbury, Stowe and Montpelier, then south to Killington.

The lower hillsides in central Vermont are generally at mid-stage with a 30 to 50 percent change. Bright, scarlet maples highlight the emerging, quilt-like mix of yellow, orange and burgundy.

In southern Vermont, some higher elevations are approaching mid-stage, while valley areas are beginning to display bright spots of early color.”

“In general, higher elevations will offer the most panoramic views of emerging color across the valleys, and many low-lying marsh areas will offer some of the most vivid and varied fall color.”

The Fall Foliage season in Vermont is one of the busiest times of the year while visitors flock from all over the world to witness the beautiful changing colors. This year it will be more important than ever to call ahead for reservations and check on Road Conditions.

Parts of our updates are thanks to the USDA Forest Service, the Vermont Department of Tourism, and various “Leaf Peepers” around the state. If you’d like to be on Vermont.com’s “Leaf Squad” to help report the Foliage conditions in your area of Vermont, please contact us!

To view our first-hand reports throughout the state of Vermont, visit our Vermont Fall Foliage Reports.

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