Fall Foliage

2012 Foliage Season: Why Vermont this Fall?

by Staff

Fall Foliage Map“Why Vermont this Fall? Welcome to a question that is best answered with your own personal ‘Field Research.’ Come to Vermont during this dynamic change of seasons and you’ll discover what makes this corner of the world such a compelling place to visit, grow roots and make memories. Immerse yourself in the story of ‘how’ Vermont works; the land and the people who nurture this state are unedited, endearing and above all, inviting.

The Green Mountain State’s agricultural heritage, its steadfast citizens and diverse landscape have fostered a way of life that is very much alive today with vibrancy revealed in an innate respect for community, land and holding true to our character while also warmly welcoming innovation and new, friendly faces.

Vermont still holds its cheesemakers, sugarmakers, dairymen and women, brewers and vintners in the highest regard. You’ll see this, especially during Harvest Season, when the ingredients are local, the producers are inspired and the food is internationally respected.

Vermont entices with open exploration of its valleys – as they reveal a world of small farms, steepled villages, peaceful pastimes and outdoor pursuits: farmers’ markets, apples orchards and corn mazes await. Come to enjoy crisp mornings with warm cider next to fiery red and orange mountainsides. Come to rest, rejuvenate and play – and definitely, come hungry.”

– Vermont Department of Tourism

The map is an approximation of the foliage color progression throughout the season. The changes generally spread from the higher, cooler areas of the Green Mountains down into the Champlain and Connecticut River Valleys (moving from north to south across Vermont).

We are about to become surrounded by a spectacular show of colors. If you can’t make it to Vermont, you can find some gorgeous Fall scenery in’s Autumn Photo Gallery, thanks to local photographers and visitors to Vermont… But truly, you’ve got to be here to fully enjoy the leaves.

Checkout the Calendar of Events to find great foliage events of all types & sizes throughout the state. Don’t see the event you’re looking for? Feel free to suggest an event so we can add it to our Calendar. We hope you come see the beautiful fall colors of Vermont!

Keep checking back here as we continue to gather information to report foliage conditions throughout the state! If you’d like to be on’s “Leaf Squad” to help report the Foliage conditions in your area of the Vermont, please contact us!

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