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2021 Foliage Season is Coming to an End

by Staff

October 21, 2021
Most of northern Vermont is past peak with little color to display, though there may be pockets of color here and there. The higher elevations of central Vermont have some trees hanging on to their foliage, contrasting with the dark green evergreens and the soft gray hillsides where the leaves have fallen. The most foliage color right now is going to be found in the rolling hills of the Champlain Valley, including the Lake Champlain Islands and the Burlington area, and in the valleys of southern Vermont. Keep checking back here as we continue to gather foliage reports from our “Leaf Squad” for foliage conditions throughout Vermont. We will try to update our reports once a week, on Thursday afternoons.

If you can’t make it to Vermont during this year’s Fall Foliage Season, you can find some gorgeous Vermont Fall scenery in our Autumn Photo Gallery, thanks to local photographers and visitors to Vermont. But truly, you’ve got to be here to fully enjoy the leaves. And remember, it’s never too late to plan a fall vacation in Vermont!

Foliage color generally starts to change in the higher, cooler areas, spreading down into the valleys, and moving from north to south across the state.

‘Peak’ colors can be found at many different times & places as the season progresses, and the timing varies from year to year, based on the weather.

Beyond leaf peeping, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Vermont’s mountains, meadows and villages during the fall. Discover Vermont Fall Festivals and other fun things to do in Vermont with our Calendar of Events. Don’t see your event? Feel free to suggest an event so we can add it to our Calendar.


Due to the Delta variant, things are changing rapidly. We recommend that if you are planning to attend an event in Vermont, please check directly with the event to see if it has been rescheduled.



The Foliage Reports are provided thanks to the Vermont Department of Tourism, and by volunteer members of our “Leaf Squad” from around the state. You can send us a foliage report , for your area of Vermont, including a photo, description, and the location & date when the photo was taken.

To view past Foliage Reports, visit the Blog.


October 18, 2021 in Stowe, VT
Stoweflake Foliage - Scot Baraw - 101821 “Here is my final report. We are past peak but there is still some color around. It was very warm on Saturday with storms moving through on Saturday evening. Cooler on Sunday, finally felt like fall. We lost a lot of leaves over the weekend from the storm, and that changed our foliage conditions dramatically. We have a mix of some peak trees and some trees that are past.”

— Scot Baraw,
Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa


No Current Reports for Central Vermont


October 19, 2021 in Manchester, VT
Manchester View Foliage - Robin Green - 102121 “Leaf-peeping has hit peak and the colors are glorious! Orange, yellow, and red fill the mountains, valleys, and roadways, and are a treat for the eyes. This year’s season has been gradual, and long, so there’s a couple of weeks left in which to take in the views. The weather is unseasonably warm during the day, up towards 70 degrees, making hiking and biking, among other activities, enjoyable. The evenings have been warmer, as well; an evening stroll or sitting outside after dinner finishes off the day quite well.”

— Robin Green,
The Manchester View

October 18, 2021 in Londonderry, VT
VTC - Renee Smith - Foliage in Londonderry - 102021 “The 2021 Foliage Season is at or past peak in most areas of Vermont, but there’s still some color hanging on to some trees!”

— Renee-Marie Smith,


October 21, 2021
“Vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows continue in Southern Vermont and the Champlain Valley, and isolated, protected forest coves and pockets in other parts of the state still pop with color as well. And while most of the leaves have fallen in other areas, the landscape is still touched with fall beauty as color transitions from high in the trees to below on the forest floor, village greens, and backyard lawns. This time of year, tamaracks emerge as quieter standouts, transitioning from olive to gold and contrasting with the darker shades of evergreens around them.

Over the past 30 years, FPR forest health staff and colleagues in forest science have documented that the length of the forest’s growing season has increased by over a week. This year’s foliage season was deliciously slow and made more gradual in part because of a lack of frost, but the lengthened growing season caused by climate change also contributes to these extended foliage conditions.

And while the 2021 foliage season may be drawing to a close, there’s still plenty to explore and admire in the landscape of Vermont. Venture out into the woods and you’ll rediscover scenes that were hidden through summer and fall: stone walls, cellar holes, and other historic remnants of generations past who lived and worked the land; habitat features; tree architecture showcasing each tree’s distinct form and shape; and new recreation opportunities to scout out.”

— Mike Snyder, Commissioner of Forest, Parks and Recreation,
Vermont Department of Tourism


To view current Foliage Reports, visit the Foliage Reports page.
To view past Foliage Reports, visit the Blog.

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