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5 Reasons Why TimberQuest Should Be Your Next Family Outing

by Vermont.com Staff

We understand that there are a ton of amazing outdoor activities calling out your name here in the Green Mountain State – however, after spending the afternoon 30 feet up in the air, flying through the trees, we suggest that you bump TimberQuest to the top of your list. Located directly on Magic Mountain in Londonderry, TimberQuest is the next evolution in aerial adventure courses. We’ve listed our Top 5 Reasons why you should plug TimberQuest into the family GPS and start your Quest ASAP.

1. You’re not too big or small, young or old…you’re juuuuuust right.

Paying homage to it’s ski mountain location, there are different ‘trails’ you can take through the canopy – green, blue, red, and black diamond – all with varying levels of difficulty depending on how adventurous you want your afternoon to be. When we were there, we saw kids as young as 6, and heard stories of a gentleman (no, no…a hero) in his low 80’s (!) who had tamed the course.

2. There’s a 350 foot long zipline (!!!)

Yes, you read that correctly – you will be hurtling through time and space (ok, at least through space) for a length that is longer than a football field. Best part? No 290lb. defensive end waiting to put a stop to your run – instead, just a smooth landing zone.

350ft. Zipline

Tom Brady wishes he had this type of protection in the pocket.

3. Get that workout in without a treadmill.

Nobody actually likes going to the gym. However, we’ve never seen so many smiles and hollers of joy coming from people who are actually getting in a killer workout before in our lives. Seriously, if gyms were always this happy and filled with laughter we’d go way more often. Maybe. Alright, who are we kidding – we’ll just stick with TimberQuest.

Snowboarding in the trees

Another rough day in the Vermont.com offices

4. All that bonding.

No, not James Bond (although you will feel very 007 when you’re strapping in to the next zipline), we’re talking family bonding. There’s something about acting like a kid again and just playing in the trees that really brings you all together. Also, if you’re anything like we were, you’ll have plenty of shared moments with the instructors as they give pointers from below and lend a helping hand, which is great because they’re all awesome. Plus, they are bound to secrecy and would never tell a soul if you keep needing a boost of moral support. Not that that happened. At all. We were professionals.

TimberQuest Sign

You may call it a sign, but we call it a conquering flag.

5. Ultimate bragging rights.

So, you’ve proved to the kids that you are hard as steel and a true conquerer of your Quest. That’s great, now go and join them on the Black course, quit pounding your chest and hollering all about, ya’ goof!

For more information on TimberQuest visit their Vermont.com Business Page, or check them out on Facebook, or at their website


11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why TimberQuest Should Be Your Next Family Outing

  1. Marianne

    I agree 100% with you. During a week long vacation to Vermont my children (ages 11 and 13) and I enjoyed an afternoon at Timberquest. It was a great bonding experience, a very good workout (I’ll admit to muscles I didn’t even know I had being sore the next day) and just all around fun. I would be going again this year except we’re back home in PA so the drive is just a tad long for another visit :-).

  2. Teresa Stores

    Timberquest may be great for 6 year olds and anyone who can reach 72″ high while standing flat-footed, but it is decidedly NOT fun for those in the middle. My kids are 9 and were VERY disappointed in the yellow course, which is the only course available to those under the age of about 12 (able to reach 72″ flat-footed). Very boring, very babyish for “big” (but not big-enough) kids…. We’ve been to ropes courses in Europe that were TONS more challenging and fun, even for little kids. Timberquest has a great staff and the safety equipment is fantastic, but they really need to build a course that challenges the “tweens.”

  3. Heather Adams

    I am extremely interested in bringing my family to this attraction. I had no idea it even existed! It sounds like the right amount of challenge for my active kids, but I have to admit that a 350′ zip line scares me a little… Heights have always been a bit intimidating for me. Can’t wait to plan a day trip to Timberquest!

  4. Ann

    I would LOVE to try this out and get an awesome workout in!! Getting some bonding time with my husband and 2 kids would be an incredible bonus.

  5. Brad

    I enjoy Magic in the winter & would love any excuse to go visit again. TimberQuest looks like a fun day for the whole family! I have two daughters 9 & 12 and think they would love to do the ropes course. Looking forward to the challenge myself after reading Marianne’ s review!

  6. Danielle Snelling

    WE would love to try out the timberquest course with our 6 year old thrill seeking naturalist! We love the outdoors and ropes course this looks amazing!

  7. Elizabeth

    Awesome! Would love to bring the whole family for some bonding time before chaos of the school year begins!

  8. james hazel

    It sounds like a fun thing to do when we visit Vermont (from Arkansas) next month, if 78 years old is not TOO

  9. Jennifer Newell

    I’ve been wanting to do this! I’ve been away from home for over four years due to my husband joining the Air Force. He just left for South Korea for a year, so I came home and I’m wanting to take advantage of everything my state has to offer. I’m definately going to try this in the next couple weeks! My infant and I will only be here for a year until we head off to the next base, so I better get going!

  10. Tabitha

    This looks AMAZING! I’ve done low-ropes courses before but never anything that required a harness! I would love to check this place out and fly that zipline!


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