Travels with Bubbie

The Birthday Continues

by Bubbie

I picked up Bubbie today to bring her to my mother’s house in Pittsford for yet another birthday celebration. Nothing fancy, just my mom’s famous goulash and a birthday cake. I tell you what, Bubbie has milked her birthday for all it is worth this year with three celebrations… I should try that sometime. I brought her back home to Manchester in time to get back to Rutland for the Patriots vs. Giants football game, which I was NOT going to miss. Upon returning home I learned that Carolina, my Brazilian exchange student needs to go home at the end of January instead of June. I didn’t know that I would be this sad about her leaving, but it has hit me pretty hard. I had just gotten used to having a lazy, but cute, teenager around 🙂 The Patriots winning softened the blow of her leaving, but not by much I’m afraid.

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

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