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A Grilled Rueben, The Price is Right, and Snow Flurries!

by Bubbie

Yesterday was wet, and today gave us snow flurries… the weather doesn’t seem to want to make it enjoyable to be outside! Personally I am looking forward to the white stuff, Bubbie on the other hand is not really liking the idea so much. I told her that that attitude is not the right one to have if you are going to live in the north… she gave me another one of “those looks”!

In between laundry and the Price is Right I did manage to get her outside the house. After running a few errands we ended up at Bob’s Diner on Rte 30 towards Bromley Ski Mountain, Vermont. Bubbie loves their Grilled Rueben’s and their fries, and I am partial to their cheeseburgers… not too big, not too small, and I actually get to have Vermont Cheddar cheese, imagine that! Not only is their food great, but it comes with ol’ time charm… meaning that the waitresses are experienced and probably local, they are loud and proud in airing their trials and tribulations in life for all to hear. That can be a good thing or a bad thing… you decide.

Caio for now… Bubbie & Kim

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