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Jazz Fest Giveaway: Give a little, get a lot!

by Staff

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival is in full swing and it has already solidified – yet again – its place as our favorite event of the year. There’s a palpable buzz and excitement around town and everyone is finding their groove. From the mid-day Jazz on the Marketplace to the high-paced intensity of the Waterfront Bayou Tent, music is everywhere and it feels damn fine!

One of the many factors that set the BDJF apart from all the other music festivals is its level of accessibility. All around town (and we do mean all around town) there are amazing musical acts playing their hearts out, completely free of charge. Walk up and down Church Street and you’ll find countless bands. Head to City Hall Park and you’ll hear a ton more. Staying at the new Hotel Vermont? Yeah, you’ll be finding music there too.

Here’s the rub. All those bands that are out playing and entertaining cost money to bring to town and we want to help make sure that they keep coming back. If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch some of their many performances, lend a hand and let’s make sure that continues. All you have to do is text “JAZZ10” to the number “80100” and a $10 donation will be made directly to the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, with 100% of the funds raised going towards making sure that Jazz Fest stays just how we all love it.

To sweeten the deal, BDJF is giving away a pair of tickets to Barrington Levy playing at the Waterfront World Tent. And, is going to throw in a bundle of gift certificates to local restaurants so that you can grab some dinner before the show. All you have to do is go like this post and tell us what the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival means to you (brownie points if you have a story to go with your answer).

Click here for more info on how to donate and on the Festival happenings in general. We can confidently guarantee that you will feel 73-96% happier after your donation. It’s a fact.

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