Travels with Bubbie

Better Late than Never

by Bubbie

It was a feet-numbing, mind-numbing 9 degrees this morning… at least when I finally made it out of bed it was 9 degrees. Sleeping through 3 alarms I was on a mad dash to get to Bubbie’s. I should mention it is a 35-mile drive for me, so I sort of impressed myself today by being only 10 minutes late! (No, I will not divulge my speed) The first thing to hit me as I walked through the door was the very strong odor of Latkes. They are the gift that keeps on giving… for quite a while actually. Now that I think of it, maybe the smell is supposed to last the entire eight days of Chanukah!

We started our day with an appointment with Dr. Brooks… it went well until Bubbie all of a sudden starting flirting with the man. Geez, I never knew her to be such a hussy! Hmmm, since I’m single maybe I should take some pointers from her.

From there we took a quick trip to Rutland to run errands. While there, Bubbie decided that she wanted a bagel and some coffee, so I went through the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts only to wait over 10 minutes for two bagels and a cup of coffee… what in the world takes so long? They’ve got a great product, but I’m serious, and it’s not just there… how many of you have walked up to an express lane in a supermarket only to find that they have put their slowest cashier on the register? This never fails to amaze me and frustrate me. Come on, you all know what I am talking about…

Caio for now… Bubbie & Me

p.s. Lest I forget… a big thank you to Mark Koffman for the incredibly creative, colorful, and very useful bag he gave me for Chanukah. So what if I’m not Jewish… I’ve been with them long enough they have made me honorary!

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