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“Bonebuilders” and the Wilson House

by Bubbie

It was a really ugly day out there today… heavy rain and cold! Getting Bubbie to go out in it was kind of like trying to make a cat get into a tub of water. But I prevailed… we started with exercise class with the RSVP “Bonebuilders” group at the Manchester town hall.

From there we traveled to E. Dorset to the Wilson House, which most of you are aware is the homestead for Bill W. the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Once a month the great volunteers of the Wilson House put on a wonderful luncheon for the seniors in the area. I believe it’s the third Thursday of the month. Lunch today was fish stuffed with a seafood stuffing… I was not happy… Bubbie had to tie my hands to the chair and force feed me. I really liked it when she pretended the fork was an airplane though… I had flashbacks to my time spent in a high chair many years ago.

But I digress. Also on the menu was carrots with raisins, green beans with almonds, cottage cheese surprise (and I do mean surprise!) and mashed potatoes. They always do a lovely dessert, and this is where I always get in trouble with my traveling companion, because I won’t let her have dessert until she has finished her veggies… if looks could kill! I simply remind her of having tied my hands earlier and forced fish on me and then she gives up and eats her veggies and then gets to enjoy her dessert!

After lunch there was a tea cup auction. You pay $1 and you are given an envelope with 10 tickets inside with a specific number. You then walk around this large table which has all kinds of goodies on it, beside each goodie is a paper cup where you drop 1, 2, 3, or more tickets with your number on it. When everyone has had their turn the auction begins. Bubbie and I were virgins and had to be shown what to do. Finally we had all of our tickets into the cups and we waited with great anticipation to see what, if anything, did we win. I came up empty handed, but Bubbie won some great smelling soaps… I told her they would come in real handy since she was a little ripe if you know what I mean. When all the fun was done we wound our way back home to rest up for another day of fun and adventure.

Caio for now! Bub & Kim

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