Travels with Bubbie


by Bubbie

Boy, I’m hoping it’s just the let down after all the holidays, cause today was a complete bore. Bubbie & I couldn’t seem to get excited about anything. I took her to the Mall in Rutland to walk laps for exercise, to say that she was not thrilled would be an understatment of the biggest kind! She kept looking at me like I was the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of OZ, when of course we all know that I am Glenda the good witch! 🙂 If she doesn’t start behaving I am going to have to send the flying monkeys after her… that will surely keep her in line. We finished the day by getting her a manicure and going to lunch… like I said in the beginning… BORING!

Let’s see what next week brings… the weather is supposed to be very warm so maybe we can go on a sightseeing trip. Have a great weekend everyone… I am going to try and celebrate my birthday with someone special – even if it is one week too late!

Caio for now… Bubbie & Me

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