Winter News

Breeze…rhymes with freeze – a winter poem

by Sandra

This winter the winds have seemed especially strong.   We have had the cover to our pool ripped, the cover to our bike shed blown into the now partially uncovered  pool.  Recycling bins, shovels, outdoor thermometers, and bird houses have been found strewn across the yard and just last week, part of the tree house  roof blew off.

So, it was rather amusing that earlier this week the winds of “cyberspace” accidentally blew the poem below into  my inbox.   I asked the sender of the email if she knew who wrote  the poem, but  she  did not.   She did, however, give me permission to share it here.

It’s winter in Vermont,
And the gentle breezes blow,  
70 miles per hour at 32 below!  
Oh, how I love Vermont  
When the snow’s up to your butt;  
You take a breath of winter air  
And your nose is frozen shut.  
Yes, the weather here is wonderful;  
You may think I’m a fool.  
I could never leave Vermont,  
‘Cause I’m frozen to the stool.

P.S. – The shovel has gone missing , again, so if you find it, let me know.

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