Travels with Bubbie

Bring on the Soup!

by Bubbie

Since it is Thursday, then you all know that it was exercise day for Bubbie, and then lunch with the great folks from the Bennington County Meals on Wheels program. They have a great new cook, Kathy, who has been making some fabulous soups… which is right up my alley! I would eat soups (homemade ones only) everyday if I could. Of course the whole meal is always a treat, and today was no exception; marinated cucumbers, wild rice and mushroom soup, chicken w/ vegetables over rice, and a spice cake. Bubbie as usual licked her plate clean. I really wish she would stop doing that, she makes such a spectacal of herself and I have to associate with her! I myself did not partake of the bread or dessert… since I am now kind of, sort of, maybe, joing the dating game once again I need to get back to my girlish figure, and believe me when I tell you that that is going to take some doing!

Everyone stay safe out there, we are due to get 2-4 inches today of the pretty white stuff and it could make the roads pretty slick.

Thought for the day: If it’s zero degrees outside today and it’s supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?

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