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Burlington Discover Jazz Offers Unique Performances June 9

by Linda Warner

Beliz_blog_posterSaturday, June 9 the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival has a real treat for the music connoisseur.  The evening starts at 5:00 at the Waterfront Tent in Burlington. Opening the evening is a local favorite, three piece blues/soul/rock band fronted by Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson. If you have not heard these musicians before, now is your chance to become one of their loyal fans.

Once you’re suitably warmed up, get ready for Belizbeha with a sound all their own. If you’re not aware of their story, this band, a mix of UVM and Champlain students, began astounding audiences back in 1993 with their fusion of acid jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B. Their unique style had some immediate success, and their sound became known nationally as well as locally. After 7 years of touring, the band agreed to pursue music individually. But the fans didn’t forget, and the band reunited for the 2014 Discover Jazz Festival in front of sellout crowds. Now, once again, they return to Discover Jazz to the cheers of their loyal fans and to introduce new listeners to their jazzy, soulful sound.

Also on the program for the evening is Madaila, a local psych-pop sensation. Similar to Belizbeha, Madaila began in the dorms of UVM and has since blasted its upbeat, synth-heavy sounds into the mainstream. The band released its debut, The Dance, in 2015.

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