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Chanukah Shopping… and Torture

by Bubbie

Today was the day we picked to go Chanukah shopping for Bubbie’s grandchildren, Emet & Baruch. To say that I would rather go through a “Chinese Water Torture” would be a gross understatement! Now, I know I’m probably going to get plenty of grief over my admitting this, but I get absolutely no pleasure from shopping. I don’t care if I have no dollars, or a million dollars; I derive no pleasure from it. Don’t believe me? Ask my Mom; she will tell you that I have been banned, for life, from all group shopping excursions. She says I don’t have the right attitude… I say, darn tooting I don’t. However, Bubbie does happen to enjoy cruising up and down the aisles, so for this reason, and this reason alone, I bite my tongue, put a smile on my face, and cruise the aisles. I will admit I am also thinking of something long and cold at the end of the long day of shopping! I cannot at this time tell you about the great buys we got, because her grandchildren are computer savvy and if they saw what they got the surprises would sort of loose their oomph if you catch my drift.

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

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