Travels with Bubbie

Coffee at Uncle Paul’s

by Bubbie

I decided to pick Bubbie up this morning and take her to my Uncle Paul’s in Rutland where every Sunday we, my family, meet to have coffee and donuts. This is not the first time Bubbie has been to my Uncle Pauls, so everyone knows her and she enjoys herself… until I make her stop at 4 donuts that is. Boy… that women can eat sweets like no one I have ever seen! The coffee was hot, and the zillion conversations going on at the same time flowed smoothly. My family is quite large so there is never a shortage of topics.

From there we went down to my grandmothers, she had been asking about Bubbie so I thought it would be nice for them to spend some time together. It is alot of fun to watch them together, my grandmother is 94 and Bubbie is almost 93, isn’t that an amazing accomplishment! They decided to watch the old musical “Showboat” with Ava Gardner and Howard Keel. My grandmother is quite musical so she sang all through the movie, Bubbie quietly watched the movie, and me? I sat there for the entire 1 hour and 53 minutes trying to will myself to Taihiti where the drinks are tall and fruity and the boys can’t do enough to please you!!!!!

Caio for now… Me

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