Travels with Bubbie

Dashing through the snow

by Bubbie

The Bonebuilders exercise class this morning at the Manchester Town Hall was almost empty, with only a few brave souls venturing out. I know that the snow can make the roads a little tricky, but we are Vermonters… we grew up driving in the white stuff!! Bubbie was hoping that I was one of those timid souls, but she should have known better! And don’t think that tantrums are reserved for the young, you would have had to witness it to believe the ordeal I was put through this morning just to get Bubbie into a pair of boots. I had the same problem with a teenager yesterday, what is it about boots in the winter, meant to keep your feet warm and dry, that drive some people to act insane? I swear I’ll never understand it.

Then it was onto lunch with the Bennington County Meals on Wheels program. They started with a nice soup which they swore was clam chowder, but the 15 people sitting at the table (me included) will swear on our mothers lives that it was potato and ham… there was not a clam in sight! Everything after the soup was easy to figure out… a great chicken pot-pie, spicy peaches (yeah, I have never heard of them either) and cauliflower, followed by Jello with whip cream. All in all a nice meal and as usual the conversations were diverse.

Caio for now… Bubbie & Me

p.s. Happy Chanukah!

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