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Dobra Tea: The Perfect Choice No Matter What The Season

by Staff

The last time we visited Dobra Tea, they had just completed their expansion and renovation to include a retail-specific area for their numerous tea selections (read full article here). We wanted to stop back in and see how the new space was working out and what additions and changes had taken place since then. Ok, maybe our real motivation was stepping in from the cold and enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

Dobra Tea Good to the last drop

The space at Dobra Tea has really come together and works beautifully. Separated by a beaded curtain, you have the retail section on the one side and the area for relaxation on the other. The thought process behind this separation is more than just an effort to provide a quiet environment for people to enjoy and unwind; there is a philosophical mindset behind the division.

Dobra Teat - Tea Leaves

According to Chinese belief, there must be a separation between the tea-leaves and the money. In order to be completely at ease and without distractions and stress from everyday life, there must be a divide between your relaxation and your business.

Dobra Tea Blue and White Mug

Dobra Tea fully embraces this philosophy and in fact takes it a step further by never bringing a bill to a table, instead allowing patrons to take their time, step back, and move at their own pace. We could definitely get on board with this philosophy.


We were able to sample two teas during our visit, a Fall Herbal selection with a combination of galangal, hibiscus, spearmint and orange peel, and a Taiwanese Oolong. While both were absolutely delicious, the stunning bright red from the galangal and hibiscus in the Fall Herbal was incredibly stunning.

Dobra Tea - Red Tea Bag Squeeze

The color was only complimented by the bright and robust taste of the tea itself and perfectly reminiscent of the Fall Foliage past.


One of the best parts about Dobra Tea is that regardless of which season you visit (as we were able to do in late fall), there is a tea that will perfectly compliment your arrival.

Dobra Tea - Brown and Green Mug

Staffed by welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable folks, the ritual and presentation of each order is only surpassed by the flavor of the selection itself.

Dobra Tea - Stacy Tasting

As we enter the holiday season, and winter makes itself more and more apparent [Editors Note: Bring it on!] – we’re looking forward to coming back to Dobra Tea and discovering the perfect choice to compliment the change in seasons. We recommend bringing a great friend, perhaps a good book, and clearing a good chunk of time on your day’s schedule, as you will certainly love the new and delicious experiences.

Dobra Tea is open for business Sunday – Wednesday from 10AM-10PM and Thursday – Saturday from 10AM-11PM. Stop in, relax, and enjoy – these guys know their tea. For more info visit Dobra Tea and on our Burlington Dining Guide.

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