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Fall In Love with Blue Cat

by Staff

A place like Blue Cat Steak and Wine Bar was made with romantic Valentine’s Day dinners in mind. A hideaway right in the middle of downtown Burlington, Blue Cat is intimate dining done to perfection. Cozy seating centered around a glowing bar, flickering candles keeping time to the music in the background. Robust, flavorful dishes paired with a killer wine selection and great, classic cocktails. What’s not to fall in love with?

And during the rest of February, things are getting even better. Already known as one of the best places for a choice cut of steak, Blue Cat is adding to their already stellar selections by doing a month-long highlight of all things lamb. A lamb ragu with tomato and mire poix, served over penne with shaved grana and olive oil. A nod to Turkish cuisine, a lamb kofta: grilled lamb meatballs, grilled peppers and tomatos with a yogurt sauce. Lamb burgers served with goat cheese, grilled tomato, and caesar salad. And quite possibly the pièce de résistance, a nine-hour braised lamb, served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Blue Cat Kiwi Martini

Add a cocktail or two (perhaps the kiwi martini above, or the Whistle Pig Manhattan below?) and you’re well on the way to understanding what we love about it here.

Blue Cat Whistle Pig ManhattanOne of the greatest things about going out for an excellent meal, is that moment when all that really matters is the experience you’re sharing with your partner. It can happen at anytime. After the first drink. Before the appetizer. When the entrees come out. Time seems to slow down. Smells are heightened and flavors are amplified. All that you feel is the Right Now. And Blue Cat does this perfectly. Whether you come in on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the week, Blue Cat expertly adds that romantic touch to your dining experience.

Blue Cat Steak and Wine Bar is located at 1 Lawson Lane in Burlington. Open seven days a week, Monday through Thursday 4:30PM – 10PM, Friday and Saturday 4:30PM – Midnight, and Sunday from 4:30PM – 9PM. To find out more about The Blue Cat and other great Burlington restaurants, check out the Burlington Dining Guide. Cheers!



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