Travels with Bubbie

First snow storm of the season!

by Bubbie

We woke up this morning to the first snow storm of the season… I actually was glad to see it… hopefully it will be a good season for all the ski areas around us. Bubbie was not quite up to snuff this morning so I did not push her to get to her exercise class, however, she was able to get to the Thanksgiving luncheon, hosted by the Bennington County Meals on Wheels program at the Manchester Town Hall. Lately Bubbie looks like a squirrel packing away food for the winter… she does everything but lick her plate clean these days. Its a good thing that she is eating well, but her manners need alot of work! Bubbie did not want to run the roads this afternoon so our adventure ended right after lunch today… not to worry – there are plenty of days ahead, and plenty of roads to run… they are not going anywhere.

Caio for now…..Me

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