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Foliage Season Is Winding Down – October 19, 2017

by Linda Warner

The 2017 foliage season is definitely winding down. The weather is more appropriate to the season with a little frost overnight in some areas. The clear, cool fall weather is perfect for a walk along country roads or a stop for a cup of hot cider. Although the trees may have lost their leaves, they are now lying under foot as a beautiful multi-colored carpet. Vermont still has much to offer the visitor in this season before the snow flies. Take a bike ride, pick some apples or pumpkins, maybe get the family together for a hay ride, and so much more.


2017-10-19_BasinHarborThe view from our Adirondack chairs is still shifting away from the greens of summer as we cling to the 70° weather. A few trees are blazing through orange phases while others have already succumbed to the deep reds and browns of fall. You can still enjoy the rainbow of color driving through Vermont on a clear day, with blue skies and green grass playing up the yellows of harvested fields and variations of russet along the roads.

— Katie Ratcliffe-Lee, Basin Harbor,  Vergennes, VT



2017-10-19_GraftonInnWe are having BEAUTIFUL weather, and the leaves have risen to the challenge! The shops in Grafton are happy for the visitors, and we at the Inn are enjoying wonderful evenings in the Pub and Formal Dining room. Take it all in everyone!!

— Steven Griffiths, Assistant Innkeeper, The Grafton Inn1x1 Grafton, VT


2012-10-19_MarlboroAlthough there is still some color to be viewed from “the Hill,” it has gone past peak in the last week. Still, the weather is beautiful and it’s perfect for a walk outdoors.

— Sarah Warner, Marlboro College,  Marlboro, VT




2017-10-19_StrattonHere at southern Vermont’s tallest peak, the brilliant fall foliage is certainly a sight to see if you have not already. We’re not sure how long it will take for the leaves to all fall off, so we’d recommend a trip here for a nice hike to witness the beautiful colors before they go away. We won’t be too bummed when that happens though, because that means it won’t be long until we start seeing snowflakes fall from the sky!

— Tom Vayianos, Stratton Mountain Resort,  Stratton, VT

2017-10-19_WoodfordUp on top of the mountain, we are definitely past peak. However, as we drive down the mountain toward Bennington, we notice there are still plenty of colors on view at lower elevations. A trip to Brattleboro over the weekend showed foliage still not past peak in some parts of southeastern Vermont also.

— Linda Warner,

2017-10-19_ManViewThe color has peaked in southern Vermont and the scenery is brilliant! Cozy up with a good book and glass of wine by your in-room fireplaces at the Manchester View. Now that the evenings are getting colder, we’re starting to get reservations for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, but we still have availability throughout the rest of the month of October and beginning of November. And don’t miss the local Pumpkin Patch at the Equinox Nursery; it’s still full of pumpkins for Halloween decorating and pie making!

— Robin, The Manchester View1x1 Manchester, VT

— Linda Warner,


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