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Get out and Vote

by Bubbie

Today is voting day in Vermont. It is an honor, and everyone eligible should get out there and exercise their constitutional right.

Before I took Bubbie to vote, her son Mark wanted her to hear a few commercials from Democratic nominee hopeful, Barak Obama, via the computer. As we were listening to the commercials Bubbie’s daughter-in-law, Sandra, came in and somehow we went from discussing the differences between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama, to discussing gerbils in the tuchas… butt to you gentiles out there! Now, I know what you are thinking at this point…how did they get from discussing politics to talking about gerbils up the butts? That is a very good question, and even though I was right there in the room I could not, even if my life depended on it, answer you… I seriously have no clue… and even funnier, Bubbie had to ask, “what’s a gerbil?” While we are on the subject of gerbils and tuchas’… is this practice fact or myth? (I have to ask)

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Thought for the day: “What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? A Democrat blows, a Republican sucks.” – Lewis Black

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