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Happy 18th Birthday Gabe

by Bubbie

Even though Bubbie was not with me today… I’m going to write a bit anyway. To get away from the sadness of yesterday I traveled down to the town of Gardner, Massachusetts where one of my oldest friends Ann lives with her family. I have been blessed with four godchildren, and one of them turned 18 today. Can you guess what his rite of passage was? An evening at the strip club… the strip club! His mother was mortified, his father was horrified (yeah right) and me? I gave him a card with thirty one dollar bills with the instructions to only use them on the strippers! The only one amused with this gift was my godchild Gabe, go figure! He knew that I would come through for him as always… what are godmothers for if not to further the education of their godchildren I ask you.

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Thought for the Day: “I haven’t had a drink in thirteen years, but occasionally I’m tempted to have one beer. The problem is that if I have that one beer, I wake up in Tijuana four days later with a tattoo and a sore butt.” – Craig Ferguson

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