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Haunted Happenings in Vermont

by Linda Cassella

It’s that  time, when witches, ghosts and goblins come out for their favorite time of year, Halloween. Be prepared to have your socks scared off as you make your way through these haunted houses.

nightmareNightmare Vermont is a unique Halloween event located at the cavernous abandoned grandstand at the Champlain Valley Exposition, in Essex Junction, VT that combines live stage combat, an original theatrical story line, and the best in interactive scares and special effects. The event has run in underground spaces since 2004 and thousands of people flock to the show each year.

The theme this year is a haunted dark circus. They will have a big bag hauntedof tricks up their sleeves to play on you this year. Some of them are so off-the-wall that every ticket-buyer will need to sign to a waiver just to get in.  In keeping with Nightmare tradition, Monster Wards are available at the door for $1. These wards will let all the actors know you don’t like anything up in your face and you don’t want to be hassled.  Want to be part of the action?  When you enter each the event each group will have 1 Monster Teaser that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you are lucky enough to get a Monster Teaser you must sign a waiver that allows you to be to a part of the show. Be ready to get grabbed or tied up. You will never know what will happen to you, so be prepared for a wild time! For hours of operation and ticket information.  Visit Nightmare Vermont.

spookySpookyville Vermont, also located at the Champlain Expo is a family-friendly Halloween walk thru  using storytelling, dance, and theater, and special effects to evoke the magic of the season.  This year, Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers will to keep you entertained as you wait to enter the event. The route takes you through Spookyville Manor, a mysterious old house with creepy secrets. Then it’s out into Spookyville Village, which is lit by hundreds of jack-o lanterns. .  Along the way, you can sneak into the classic stories of the season.  You can even join in and help Pumpkin Jack as he tries to save Halloween.  Be on the look out for leprechauns and pilgrims, just to name a few! There is a matinee for the 0-6 yr crowd and the evening show is for  all kids over 7.  For more information visit  Spookyville Vermont.

The Pittsford Haunted House located in Pittsford, VT  is run by the local fire department.  It haunted-housemight not be the biggest or scariest  but after 36 years running they must be doing something right. Enjoy a fun haunted hay ride as you make your way up to the house.  When you finally get to the house, you are led through the maze-like halls in the dark holding hands. You can’t see what’s awaiting you to bump into  and along the way you’ll make stops in lit rooms where you’ll witness scary scenes, sometimes with a bit of audience participation.  How many other haunted houses do you know of that are built out of a old run down hospital? Could there be ghosts flying about? Could be, but why don’t you come find out for yourself. Also, this haunted house helps out many who are in need. by raising money for the Pittsford Fire Dept. So this year, why not start a new tradition or continue an old tradition and come to one of the longest running haunted houses in New England. For more information visit Pittsford Haunted House.

So, get in the spirit of Halloween and check out these haunted happenings.  Be prepared to be very afraid.

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