Landgrove Inn – The rest is history…

by Staff

Tom Checchia spent an evening drinking aquavit with his friend, Carl, who worked at The Landgrove Inn – and still does, on occasion! Worried that the Inn, which was for sale, might be bought by someone he wouldn’t like, Carl planted the idea in Tom’s head that he should buy it. Tom thought about it, and even after the aquavit wore off, the idea didn’t. After two days of thinking and talking about it, Tom and Maureen, his wife, headed back to Westchester and his job as a civil engineer and her job as a marketing consultant. Maureen suggested that Tom “explore” the idea a little more, just to get it out of his system. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tom and Maureen are now in their second year as owners of The Landgrove Inn. You would never know that they haven’t spent their entire lives in the hospitality industry. They both have personality and charm to spare, and they make their guests feel like they are being welcomed into their home. Tom and Maureen are building on the success that the Snyder family had before them and making the Landgrove Inn their own.

The Santa Lucia Festival, held on the second Saturday in December, is already half booked 6 months in advance. They’ve had several Ristaffel nights and recently had an Irish Night with Cornbeef, Cabbage and Guinness Braised Beef.

Vermont Nights, featuring a fixed price menu on Wednesdays and Sundays are so popular that reservations are required from the end of June through the summer as well as during the fall and winter months.

Chef Elise Durr has been with the Inn for years and serving fine food in the Southern Vermont for over twenty years. We recently had a wonderful dinner with Tom, Maureen and Carl attending to the culinary treats that came from Elise’s kitchen. The Crispy Duck with Raspberry Sauce was scrumptious, the Baked Salmon with Cucumber Dill was perfectly prepared, and the Loin Lamb Chops served with apricot salsa were delicious. Dinner began with warm crusty herb bread, and a choice of soup or salad. The Carrot Vicyssoisse was refreshing – perfect for a warm evening, and the Parmesan Pepper Salad Dressing is not to be missed.

Elise makes the desserts as well. Go with a crowd so you can order one of everything. We narrowed our choices to Strawberry Shortcake, Coffee Ice Cream Cake, and Brownie Sundae. The table next to ours had six people so they also got Kentucky Derby Pie, Apple Crisp, and Blueberry Cobbler. They all waddled away with smiles on their faces.

As good as the dinners are, Tom says that Elise’s talents really shine in the many weddings that they host at the Inn. Something to consider if you’re planning a Vermont wedding.

New carpeting and tables are to be found in the dining room, and several rooms and suites have been renovated recently with more renovations planned for the near future. Tom and Maureen are keeping the best of the old and improving on it.

The Landgrove Inn is an excellent place for a fine dinner, family function, wedding, or one of the increasing number of fun Ethnic Nights being added – and their summer swim & tennis club membership, for only $300 is a wonderful bargain!

The Landgrove Inn is open for dinner Wednesday – Sunday. Call 800-669-8466 or 802-824-6673 for reservations or visit The Landgrove Inn for more information.

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