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Lions and Tigers and …

by Renee-Marie Smith

After the story earlier this year about Governor Shumlin’s close-encounter with a bear in his backyard, I started hearing more stories of bear sightings at more and more houses. A friend recently complained about a bear nuisance at her residence, and I’ve also heard stories of bear sightings in towns like Manchester, Vermont. It seems like the bear population might be a little too big for comfort.

This article from The Associated Press says Vermont’s black pear population is bigger than expected. I guess it’s good that bear hunting will start soon – what do you think?


Vermont’s bear hunting season starts Saturday

“BRATTLEBORO — Vermont Fish and Wildlife officials say the state’s black bear population is estimated at slightly more than 6,000, higher than the goal sought for the state’s big game management plan.

Biologist Forrest Hammond said 25 years ago, the bear population was less than 3,000. The 2010-2020 plan aimed for 4,500 to 6,000 bears.

Vermont’s bear hunting season starts Saturday. Hunters are encouraged to wear fluorescent orange while in the woods. Hunters are required to collect a small pre-molar tooth from each harvested bear for officials to learn about the status of the bear population.

Hunters took 396 bears last year in Vermont.”

Article written by Associated Press, found on Burlington Free Press

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