Mach's Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza
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Mach’s Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza

by Staff

By Junior Correspondent: B.B.K.

At the Manchester Vermont farmers market, I came across a company called Mach’s Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza. The slice of pizza I had was delicious. It was warm and perfect, with the best crust, savory cheese and tomato sauce. And it was only $4.00!

Mach's Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza

It was probably the best slice of pizza I have ever had. One of the best parts is that there is a huge wood fire oven and while waiting for your pizza (which is a small wait) you can watch the employes make the pizza in a huge wood fire stove.

Mach's Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza

This is the oven!

The employees are very cheerful and friendly.

Mach's Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza

Senator Sanders approved!

I can’t wait to go back for another slice!

Check out Mach’s Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza on their website, on Facebook or give them a call at 1-802-325-6113.

1 thought on “Mach’s Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza

  1. Roger Rodriguez

    We DO NOT recommend booking Mach’s for your events.

    1. We attempted to contact Mach’s several months ago via phone, email for a wedding reception. We received no reply.

    2. We booked a different mobile wood fired pizza. Unfortunately, one of the operators became gravely ill and had to cancel.

    3. We attempted to contact Mach’s again based on a co-workers recommendation. We received a detailed email and responded that we were interested and requested a quote.

    4. A quote came several days later, to which we replied, asking where we can send a deposit.

    5. Silence for several weeks.

    6. We received a hasty email from Mach’s asking if we were still interested in booking them as they had “another inquiry” for our date.

    7. We immediately called and spoke. They were in the middle of something and we were told that “email works best.”

    8. We sent another email asking where we can send the deposit. We called again, no answer. We never heard from them again.

    Not only did Mach’s disappoint us, but they disappointed about thirty guests who were looking forward to Mach’s offerings – several of them visiting Vermont for the first time from Dallas, Florida and South Carolina. They left us hanging – not even so much as a call or email to tell us they couldn’t cater our event. This reflects badly on Mach’s, but also on Vermont. Stay away!

    UPDATE: We posted this review on their Facebook page. Rather than respond, they took the page down. Still no explanation.


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