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May I have some Spotted Dick please?

by Bubbie

Yes, you read it right. Our Bonebuilders group is getting pretty bold and sassy! All the talk of me and my new man have given these previously meek and mild seniors new life! Some of the conversations at the table would make a confirmed ladies man blush! I swear it’s true, anyone who is not coming to these meals really ought to, it would make your day!

My delightful British friend Audrey was telling me about a dessert that her Mum used to make in England… “Spotted Dick.” When I finally stopped rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably I asked her what in the world was in “Spotted Dick”… she told me, but I’m not going to tell you… let’s see if anyone out there knows the answer to this questions. Don’t disappoint… do your research!

Then as we were leaving the table, our new friend Wendell lost his balance and started to fall backwards. Lucky for him I was right behind him, because if we both went down I have enough cushion for the both of us! When I mentioned this out loud to Wendell, without missing a beat, and without turning around to face me, he said “that’s to bad, I’d like to fall into that cushion.” Can you believe that one… even MY face turned red, and the ladies around me could not believe their ears, they were howling! Risqué or what? Man, I’m truly afraid to go back there… there is no telling what they will come up with next!

Don’t forget to watch the football playoffs this weekend… especially my beloved New England Patriots who are going to kick some butt!

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Funny thought for the day: “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you that I have signed legislation to outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” – Ronald Reagan

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