My Quest for the Elusive Moose

by Julie

Moose CrossingEver since I was a teenager, I remember visiting my family in Vermont once or twice a year. However, now that I am much older, I find myself visiting much more frequently. What used to be a 3 ½ hour car ride from Connecticut now takes me, well, much longer! I find myself compelled to stop for everything and anything that catches my fancy!!

Vermont is made up of quaint little towns lined with small boutiques, country stores, Old New England houses, and working farms that look as if they came right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. There are so many interesting places to visit, foods to sample and things to see. I’ve tasted homemade jellies, mustards and cheeses, bought pottery from the local artisans, and learned some interesting facts about making maple syrup. There is only thing that I haven’t been able to find as of yet. That is the elusive moose! And so … my quest begins!!

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