Travels with Bubbie

“Over the River…

by Bubbie

Recognize the words to that old Christmas classic? Well, today Bubbie & I sure went over the river and through the woods, several times to be exact, on a wild goose chase to deliver a basket of goodies to friends of the Koffman Family. They live in the lovely town of Newfane, VT and since we live in the computer age I simply put their address into Mapquest and got the directions. (As you read further you will come to understand the importance of putting in the CORRECT address.) I said to myself “no problem,” and besides, if I got lost I knew that I could, and would, ask for directions because I am not a MAN! (yeah, yeah, bring it on!) Anyway, after an uneventful trip down beautiful Route 30 we located the correct road, and we knew we were looking for #15 because that is the address we were given. The first house on the right is #1, the second house on the right is #14. Yes, I said #14… and the only house on the left is #2… does anyone see my dilemma? Up and down the dirt road (snowy and icy to boot) we go, stopping at each house to see if there was any sort of life form… there wasn’t. Finally a nice white haired man with a twinkle in his eye and a jolly laugh directed us to the very first house we had come to… #2. When we turned to thank him he was gone, but I swear that we saw him clearing paths to the chimneys of each house. Hmmm, I wonder what that is all about?

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Thought for the day: “Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.” – A.H.Weller

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