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by Craig Altschul

The Pico Ski Foundation, who financially supports some 100 local youth skiers, is bringing back the past with a photo archive, says the Rutland Herald. You might wonder how a photo display can benefit current and future skiers. They represent a snapshot (no pun intended) of what Pico was and all it made possible. “The Pico Ski Club/Ski Foundation is an important cog in the wheel of Pico,” said Tracy Taylor, director of mountain services for Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners and business development director for Pico. Those who have benefitted from the foundation’s assistance over the years include 1952 Olympic gold medalist Andrea Mead Lawrence; former and current U.S. Ski Team members Suzy and Rick Chaffee; a para-Olympian; and a skier turned screenwriter for Warren Miller films. The black and white photos, on display at the ski resort’s ticket sales office, include the original Otter Ski patrol from 1937, the second oldest ski patrol in the U.S.; prices of ski packages ($20), private lessons ($8), and single rides (25 cents) from the 1940s; and a boy being pulled up the Pico Peak by the first alpine ski lift in North America. Taylor hopes the passion for Pico skiers and riders recognize the value of the foundation and support it. A good organization that honors the past and promotes the future.

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