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Q&A with Bromley’s Michael van Eyck

by Sandra

.Q:  Top 10 things about Bromley in the winter.

  • A:  Only 10!? In no particular order:

We face south.  What does that mean?  Well when all other resorts are stuck in the shade Bromley’s basking in the sunshine.  Tell me that doesn’t mean something on a January day!

– History.  This is our 76th season… people have loved this place for a long time.  For good reason.

– The people.  Both those that work here, and those that visit… we attract friendly people that are passionate about the mountain.

Laid back.  We like to think of ourselves as the “comfortable” spot for families.  You won’t find an uptight attitude anywhere, and that’s just the way we like it.

– Great terrain.  Pound for pound Bromley has some of best terrain anywhere.  We might not be the biggest resort, but we’ve got more than enough to keep the entire family skiing and riding happily all day, vacation, or season long.

– Hamburgers.  Food means a lot, and if we are all being honest then I think we can admit that it does play a role in the places we love.  Good burger = Good times.

Ski School.  We got the best, and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Kids or adults, we’ve got programs for everyone and everyone loves ‘em… simple.

– Trees.  We all love trees, but I’m talk about glades!  Little known fact is that Bromley has great tree skiing/riding.

– Wild Boar.  Not the animal, the tavern.  Great place to grab some food and a beer after a day on the mountain.

– Vibe.  There is an unmistakable, and sort of indescribable, feeling at this mountain.  Check us out sometime and I guarantee you’ll see what I mean.

  • Q:  What should every first time winter visitor to Bromley know?
  • A:  That our ski school is second to none.  This is not just a sales pitch… whether you’re new to Bromley, new to the sport, or just need a brush-up a lesson with our ski & snowboard school can set the tone for an outstanding day.  Dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable instructors combined with flexible programs adds up to a great experience.  Try it, you’ll like it.
  • Q:  Favorite après ski food and drink – what and where?
  • A:  Stop for a beer at our very own Wild Boar Tavern, and then it’s off to the Perfect Wife in Manchester for maybe some live music… sounds like fun.
  • Q:  For those who want to take a break from the slopes for the day and head off the mountain – what would you recommend?
  • A:  Sleigh ride at Taylor Farm.  Unique experience that is also really fun.  Along the same lines, Husky Works also offers dog sled tours… how’s that for awesome!?
  • Q:    Best part about living/working in VT?
  • A:  We work where we play, and also get to enjoy this beautiful landscape.  Not too many people get the view that I do from my office…
  • Q:    Most challenging part about living/working in VT?
  • A:  The distance between things can be a bit of a challenge, but hey, at least there are pretty surroundings while you’re driving.
  • Q:  I know that Bill Cairns has been recently promoted to president of Bromley.  What else is new for Bromley this  winter?

A:  2012/13 will see the addition of 60 new energy efficient tower guns to our already impressive arsenal of snowmaking spread out over five different trails and the top of the mountain for a total investment of $200,000 in snow!  Plaza, the entire top of mountain, Upper Corkscrew, Run-Around 1, and Peril will all have new, permanent snow guns.  3000 feet of snowmaking pipe is being replaced and recycled as you read this.

Our baselodge will undergo a much anticipated renovation for this coming winter season, with the first floor receiving the entire $135,000 investment in guest experience and comfort.  New walls, new lighting, new furniture and new layout for the cafeteria line!  Did you visit the new KidsRule room on the second floor last season?  The first floor will now share that same warm atmosphere, with natural beadboard wainscoting, soft yellow walls and cheery bright lights.  Come see for yourself!

Our adult first timer’s program is undergoing its own renovation…we’re introducing GET, Guaranteed Easy Turns to get you on the slopes quickly and successfully!  Just $89 will get you an hour and a half clinic with a member of our highly trained ski & snowboard school staff in our dedicated learning zone, complete equipment rentals, and a limited lift ticket for guaranteed easy to ride lifts.  The revamped program will also include an indoor instructional period to get to know your instructor on a more intimate level, and the option for a GET “frequent skier” Card that offers discounts and incentives on subsequent lift tickets, lessons and equipment!

Stay tuned as plans shape up and snow flies for tweaks to Bromley’s terrain parks!
The Garden, located on Plaza and spanning the entire 7 acres, will be an intermediate park with medium size creative features accessible to many different ability levels. So it won’t be all big air, or all rails or even all in one line, just all fun.  We’re also psyched to add our very own Riglet Park to the lineup.  Weekends and holidays only, after hours, we’re putting up a Burton Riglet Park for kids.  Located on snow at the base of the Alpine chair, the Riglet park will give your mini shredders a chance to practice their freestyle (skiing or snowboarding!) skills in a park of their own. You can unwind as they jib and jump in their very own park, staffed by the professionals in our Ski & Snowboard School!

  • Q:  Name and position of person answering question and how long you have worked at Bromley.
  • A:  Michael van Eyck, Director of Marketing, 9 years



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