Travels with Bubbie

Red Sauce Meets Pasta

by Bubbie

So, after I was up all night making sure the sauce did not burn I was not exactly awake enough to make a long drive, but I did it anyway. Boy I thought, this better be appreciated or I am going to send my Uncle Guido to put a hurting on! I arrive at my new “friend’s” house, bring the sauce in and put the stove on warm to keep it hot until dinnertime. I gear myself up for a great day of football… the popcorn is popping, the beer is cold, the fire is in the fireplace… again… and what do I do? I quickly fall asleep on the couch, not only do I miss the football game, but I’m snoring and drooling! How attractive is that I ask! I was sure he would take off running for the hills, but he showed his true colors and laughed so hard I thought he would cough up a lung! So for the time being I’ve decided that if my snoring and drooling does not scare him off he is a keeper. When I finally woke up it was dinnertime, he told me that it was the best red sauce he has ever had. I almost believe him.

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

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