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Renowned Vermont Artist Mel Hunter Lithograph Prints For Sale

by Linda Cassella

Mel_Hunter_Painting_1Milford “Mel” Hunter was born on July 27, 1927 in Oak Park, IL.   Before moving to Vermont he enjoyed a successful career as a science fiction illustrator creating illustrations for the likes of Issac Asimov and Robert Heilein.  He was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1960-1962 for Best Professional Artist.

After 17 years of illustrating technical and scientific paintings he moved to Chester, VT in 1967 and began creating lithographic prints of nature scenes around him.  In 1970 he signed a contract with World Publishing Co. to create a series of ecological books for children dealing with everything from earth to mammals and insects.

After accidental damage to his one of his limestone lithograph drawing in 1976, he decided to use mylar as a method of his lithograph prints and he published a book in 1984 titled “The New Lithography” which is still widely used today.

Although diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in the 1990s, he died of bone cancer in February of 2004 and because of his love of science his wish was granted in 2012 to have his cremated remains launched into space.

We have several original Mel Hunter Lithograph Prints for sale. All are artist proofs, signed and dated and each come with a Certificate of Authenticity. If interested please go to Mel Hunter Lithograph Prints for details.


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