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Rogue Yoga Invades BTV

by Staff

Rogue Yoga is the brainchild of Caitlin Pascucci (of Pascucci Yoga) in collaboration with the fine folks at A 10-week yoga series featuring multiple instructors each from their own unique discipline – Rogue Yoga is meant to show you as many sides of the yoga movement as possible. Open to all ages, skill levels and abilities, Rogue Yoga has something for everyone.

This week, gather your black clothing and throwing stars [Editors Note: Don’t actually bring throwing stars] and harness your inner Mr. Miyagi with Ninja Yoga. Focusing on self-defense through yoga poses, Ninja Yoga is an athletic, fast paced yoga style that will keep you in the shadows and your enemies cowering in fear. We guarantee a great workout with new and exciting movements you likely haven’t seen before.

Pascucci Rogue Yoga Hands Up

In the weeks to come, there will be yoga events such as; Hoop Dance Yoga – combining the fluid movements of both the hula hoop and yoga in one graceful activity, Halloween Kids Costume Yoga – a family yoga event with more princesses, pirates, and monsters than you’ve seen in almost all of your previous yoga classes combined, and Flipped! – catering to the inversion veteran and the upside-down newbie alike and completely focusing on yoga movements which balance you on your hands!

Pascucci Rogue Yoga Downward Dog

With loads of educational guidance combined with comforting assistance and direction, Rogue Yoga is the perfect way to become acquainted with the outer edges of yoga, as well as the movement as a whole. Be sure to stop by for as many of the weekly classes as possible and find the yoga that speaks to you.

Rogue Yoga will be held at facilities (400 Pine St. Burlington, VT) from now until the first week of November. For more information visit Pascucci Yoga or Caitlin also teaches Yoga at the Waterfront every Tuesday at noon, as well as many other classes. Namaste!

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