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Stick Season is Approaching

by Staff

Areas of good color can still be found throughout Vermont as we are starting to head into ‘Stick Season’ in most parts of the state. Stick Season refers to the period after foliage has finally left most of the trees and before the first lasting snows fall and cover the branches. This year many of the ‘sticks’ are still brightly adorned with oranges and yellows, and after a couple of recent frosts, some reds as well.

It is truly an amazing foliage year because, though we are seeing more bare trees each day, literally every stage of color is still in evidence from early mid-stage to peak. Recent frosts went a long way toward moving along the slower color and also brought out some brilliant peak oranges and even some scattered reds, for some of the most vibrant colors of the season. In the absence of any serious cold however, it will not be unreasonable to expect pockets of very nice color through the upcoming weekend.

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