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Stubborn Old Men!

by Bubbie

Today my mother and I had to bring my father to the emergency room. I am sorry that he was not feeling well, but over the next 5 hours of being in the ER I came closer than I ever have in my lifetime to kicking his Tuchas… I felt like a Klippeh, and that isn’t a good thing! After finally being tended to, we were told that the doctor would be back in one hour… after the lab results and chest x-rays were ready to read.

During that one-hour my mother and I were asked, every 30 seconds no less, what was going on? What was he waiting for? When could he go home? And where were the darn (I had to clean up the language) nurses? Seriously, I wanted to throttle him. When I calmly tried to reason with him, telling him it had not been an hour yet and that he was not the only one in the ER he very calmly told me to “kiss his a–.” Okay, so that was actually a funny moment cause he really wanted to scream it to the heavens but restrained himself… he looked like his head was going to pop off his shoulders!

Then he kept trying to get us to take off the heart monitor, the blood pressure cuff, and the oxygen sensor but we wouldn’t, so he threatened to take it off himself. How did we respond? Go right ahead, it won’t affect us so what did we care. He’s pretty clever though, because he didn’t want to get in trouble with the doctors so his thinking was that he couldn’t be reprimanded if it was one of us taking it off, and not him… always thinking that one!

Finally we were spared more antics… the doctor came back in to tell us that the labs show he probably had a mild heart attack and he recommended that my dad stay overnight in the hospital. By his carrying on you might have thought that he was just personally asked to give birth to triplets or something… geez! Needless to say he went home, back to his own comfy chair… after all, one must be comfortable when stressing their spouse to the breaking point because of their stubbornness don’t you think?

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Thought for the day: “‘Home, sweet home’ must surely have been written by a bachelor.” – Samuel Butler

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