Travels with Bubbie

Sugar N’ Spice

by Bubbie

Saturday Bubbie & I went to Killington Ski Area to pick Carolina up from her snowboarding lesson. Not to worry, despite the warm temperatures they have plenty of snow. We were then scheduled to go to Gramma’s for lunch, but upon arriving there it was announced that we were going to go to Sugar N Spice instead. If you have never been there put it on your “to do” list. It is located in Mendon, VT. From Rutland, head east on Route 4 towards Killington. It is by far the best breakfast you will ever, ever have! Their waffles, pancakes, and French toast are deliciousso and of course served with REAL Vermont Maple Syrup. Also on the menu are incredible omelets… this is one stop you will want to make… the service is good, the prices are right, and it is locally owned.

After bringing Bubbie home, I headed down Brattleboro way to see my new beau. He was not feeling well so I brought him all kinds of cold and flu medicine and did my best to take care of him. I told him if the medicines didn’t work then maybe my homemade lasagna would do the trick… it would either heal him or kill him! It was a nice quiet weekend, which is just what the doctor ordered. Always when I arrive at his home, high on a hill and nestled against a mountain, a real peace comes over me… most would say that’s a good thing since I’m such a crazy person the rest of the time! I would say that’s a great thing, and something I always look forward to.Thought for the Day: Borrow money from pessimists – they don’t expect it back.

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