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Sugaring Season in Vermont

by Staff

Sugaring Season in Vermont typically begins in March, when the sun starts to shine a little brighter and the temperatures begin to rise, allowing the sap to flow. Spring’s warmer temperatures coax sugar maple trees to turn stored starch back into sugar, and sap is made as the tree mixes ground water with the sugar. The sap is mostly crystal clear water with about 2% sugar, and it takes 40 gallons of sap to make each gallon of maple syrup.

Did you know Vermont is the national leader in maple syrup? Part of the reason is because of the abundance of maple trees. Another reason is because Vermont’s sugar makers have embraced newer technology to help keep production up. According to the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, “By utilizing tubing systems running into large storage tanks rather than the old-style buckets, sugar makers can be ready to collect sap when it runs, even during sporadic warming periods through the later winter. These systems also help when the sap runs quickly, reducing the chance of sap spilling onto the ground.”

Many sugar makers in Vermont are family-owned and operated businesses, and some have as many as 40,000 to 60,000 taps! Ever thought about trying to make Maple Syrup yourself? Here’s a glimpse into the world of father & son sugar makers at Amber Ridge Maple, to give you an idea of what it takes:

Of course, there are many more sugar makers and Vermont maple producers throughout the state. So many in fact that one weekend in March each year is reserved as “Maple Open House Weekend” (this year, 2015, it’s March 28th & 29th). During that weekend, many Vermont sugar houses will be open to the public, allowing you to witness first-hand how maple syrup (and possibly other maple products) are created! You can visit our Calendar of Events to find many Maple events happening all over Vermont.

Many people often associate March in Vermont with sugar shacks. Check out this tiny house in Morrisville, VT – it’s no shack, but it sure is sweet!

Many thanks to our friends at Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty for sharing the videos with us!

Featured photo credit // Amber Ridge Maple

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