Travels with Bubbie

Surviving the Grandkids

by Bubbie

Rainy outside and crazy inside! Bubbie’s grandchildren Emet & Baruch are out of school for the rest of the week, and to keep them from climbing the walls we decided to take them to lunch. They were given a choice between Friendly’s and McDonald’s. They chose Friendly’s so that they could have a nice salad with fruit for dessert… yeah right! McDonald’s it was so that they could get the new Shrek toy… God forbid we deny them this pleasure!

After lunch we decided to go exploring… I love taking roads I have not been on before and seeing where they lead. After the initial moans and groans they got involved in the journey and had fun. I then thought it would be great to get out and walk a bit on these old roads… I had no takers – go figure! When we got home we sat down to a Disney movie… I swear Bubbie enjoys them just as much as the kids!

We will be off tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but look for us again on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, may your holiday be peaceful and safe, and may you be lovingly surrounded on this day with your family and friends. Let us also remember to give thanks to the troops overseas, and to their families, for the sacrifices they make every day.

Caio for now, Bubbie & Me

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