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Ted X Battenkill

by Linda Cassella

Eons Creative will host TEDxBattenkill at The Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester on Saturday, 10/3 from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.  This independently organized event will feature action inspiring talks by the following speakers who are thought leaders and innovators.

martin-armstrong-2Martin Armstrong is an American economist who is best known for his discovery of the relationship between pi and the business cycle.  A victim of the the American justice system, he was wrongly accused of fraud and became the longest federal civil contempt prisoner in American history.  While in prison he wrote countless reports about the economy and gained a following of supporters who appreciated his unfiltered honesty.  Armstrong currently has an active news blog focusing on the global economy.

Armstrong’s talk will focus on The Extinction of Democracy.   He hopes to provide a service so the average person can comprehend the global economy.

tim-brookes-2Tim Brookes, founder of the Endangered Alphabets Project and author of 15 books, is a longtime NPR essayist and the Director of Professional Writing Program at Champlain College in Burlington.

His talk will focus on the Endangered Alphabets and where nearly a 1/3 of them are close to extinction or are no longer used in schools or for official purposes.  In some cases it is nearly suppressed or banned.

isaac-eddy-2Issac Eddy, a former Blue Man Group member received his BA in film studios and his MFA in Performance & Interactive Media Art.  He has worked with the Blue Man Group for the passed 12 years performing in cities from NYC, Las Vegas and London.

His talk will focus on the Extinction of Vulnerability and how now that we communicate with social media, we are less often to be put up against the unknown and things we are not comfortable with.

bernard-gauvin-2Bernard Gauvin, currently Director of Marketing and Finance at ECOTIERRA, received his bachelors degree in Marketing and International Business. After graduating, he worked for a Canadian bank for 20 years and worked on 3 continents.  His responsibilities included foreign exchange trading, business development and risk management.

His talk will focus on his work with ECOTIERRA, who is developing a program centered around sustainable cocoa and coffee agricultural practices that promote the importance of shade grown crop to increase the quality of life and revenue for future generations.

melissa-levis-2Melissa Lewis, is a family innkeeper at Wilburton Inn in Manchester, VT.  Before coming back home and joining the family business she was an award winning songwriter, entertainer and theater producer. IN NYC, her band Moey’s Music Party performed for children throughout NYC. She is currently collaborating with a Tony Award winning producer on a family based musical on her DVd “Happily Ever Moey’s: A Fairy Tale Lark in Central Park”.

Her talk will focus on The Vigilante of Family and The Midlife Renaissance, where she talks about leaving her life in NYC after 20 years and coming home to Manchester to help with the family business. She hopes to encourage the audience to make bold choices in their life and experience their own mid-life renaissance.

Alex Roy is best known as the first person to break the 1983 US Express cross-alex-roy-2country driving record driving from NYC to LA in 31 hours and 4 minutes which was featured in “Cannonball Run”. He is currently President of Geotegic, an automotive events company and Europe By Car, a European car rental wholesaler.

His talk will focus on Autonomous Driving and the extinction of the “human driver” and the car being chased by Mercedes, Google and countless others.

brent-allen-winters-2Brent Allen Winters, who is an author, teacher, common lawyer and American geologist, was a diver on the US Navy Mobile Diving Unit and the carrier US Coral Sea.  He has run for Congress, worked as a mine operator and a geologist.  He is quoted as saying. “Our common-law way of life is not only the lifeblood and backbone of our US Declaration of ’76 and Constitution but is also the object of zeal that delivered our country to nationhood and remains the fellowship that defines Americans to the world”.

His talk will focus on the No Common Law, No Freedom, where unlike the tradition of common-law, civil law expands state power and shrinks freedom.

Following the live talks, attendees are invited to a reception.  All proceeds for this event will benefit the Manchester Screen Festival, which will feature film, digital content, and interactive media from around the globe.

Tickets for this event are $45 in advance, $55 at the door.  To purchase tickets and for more information visit:

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