Travels with Bubbie

The Garlic is Burning

by Bubbie

Carolina and I came down to Manchester to take Bubbie with us for the afternoon. We were going to do just a few last minute things but Carolina and Bubbie had other ideas… they wanted to go back to the mall, the scene of all my angst, the bain of my existence, the thorn in my side, etc., etc., etc.! Like a dimwit I decided I would go too because I know how much they both love to shop. I remind Carolina that Christmas is coming so not to buy anything for herself, she nods her head, tells me that she knows and she won’t, and what do you think she did? You guessed it, she bought some stuff for herself, and not just any stuff, she bought the same darn things that I bought her last night when I braved the “zoo” the first time! I could not believe my eyes, but there was no way I was going back and exchange her gifts, that will be her problem after Christmas.

Then we went home were Bubbie and Carolina put the finishing touches on the tree while I started a homemade red sauce that I needed for Sunday and took a shower. The minute I opened up the bathroom door I could smell that the sauce was burning… I asked Carolina and Bubbie if they could smell anything burning and they said they just thought it was the way my sauce always smelled. I was very indignant… I’ll have you know I make a great red sauce and who in the world cannot smell burning garlic and tomatoes????? I could not believe it; I had to start all over again when I got home (late that night) because I still needed the sauce for Sunday. So, at midnight I am still in front of the stove sautéing garlic and onions with sweet Italian sausage and then every half hour for the rest of the early morning I was getting up to check the sauce to make sure it was not burning… the things we women are willing to put ourselves through is mind boggling!

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

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