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by Craig Altschul

George Warner of Shoreham has been delivering milk for 61 years. He’s still doing it at 82. George started when he was just 20 years old, hauling Addison County milk for Brox’s Dairy in 44-quart cans. He continued until he had collected 300 cans, said the Addison County Independent.. Then it was off to Rutland to pick up ice to keep the milk cold until it reached the Brox processing plant in Methuen, Mass. Technological advancements took over the necessity to keep the milk in cans when milk was siphoned directly from the farm’s holding tanks into the truck. He’s worked for a number of hauling companies over the years, including Cumberland Farms, Holdman, Garelick Farms and, currently, McDermott’s Trucking. How does George feel about his job? “I like it. You get up in the morning, you go to your work, and nobody bothers you as long as you do your job.” He has no plans to retire. Is this what they mean by “milking a career?”

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