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The Old Gold Standard

by Vermont.com Staff

Old Gold is an institution, plain and simple. Actually, there is nothing plain or simple about Old Gold, but it is without a doubt an institution. When friends and family are in town, they have to make a trip to Old Gold. A vintage and unique clothing store, which has been in business since 1973, Old Gold has a seriously diverse and awesome selection. Vintage suits, t-shirts from the 80’s, authentic cowboy boots – everything that Old Gold does is different from and better than your average clothing shop. However, Old Gold really starts to shine (pun intended) in October. Welcome to all that is Halloween.

Old Gold Window Mannequin

On a busy day, Old Gold estimates that they crank out over 500 costumes (!). What’s really impressive is how invested the employees become when helping you assemble your get-up. You tell them what you’re thinking and it becomes their personal mission to find the best possible results. With a decidedly old school philosophy (no Point of Sale system, no register at all actually – each sale is unique) these folks work hard to make sure that your costume is perfect. It’s obvious that they enjoy what they’re doing and that passion carries on to the customer. One of the favorite aspects of their work is when they can make a mother and a daughter find a common ground, help someone realize that they look great, or get a couple seeing eye to eye on a costume idea. And they are damn good at what they do.

Old Gold Counter

According to Old Gold: Strangest costume in recent memory? A sexy lobster – claws and all. We’re inclined to agree, that is rather…um, unique. Guess that girl really loved her some seafood.

Old Gold Chains

Biggest trend this year so far? Peacocks. Who knew? They’ve got the boas, feathers, undergarments and more to make your plumage-winged vision come to life.

Old Gold Go Go Boots

Whatever you see yourself going as for Halloween – sexy lobster included – Old Gold is your answer.

Old Gold is located at 180 Main St. in Burlington. Open Monday through Saturday from 10AM – 6PM – we guarantee you haven’t seen a shop quite like Old Gold. Check them out on Facebook and be sure to stop by and show some love. 

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