Travels with Bubbie

The Ugly Story Behind Returns

by Bubbie

Today Bubbie & I had to run to the Rutland Sears store at the Diamond Run Mall to return items we had purchased over the computer through Lands End. (did ya’ll know that you could return Lands End at Sears? I didn’t) Anyway, we gave the poor sales clerk a near mental breakdown because we had three different returns, purchased three different ways… to say the poor kid was confused is an understatement! But to my surprise I was the calm one… imagine that! (if you’ve been reading Bubbie & Me you’ll no doubt remember my aversion to shopping) It took some coaxing on my part, but Riley rose to the occasion and after a half-hour of waiting and after the same half-hour of Bubbie asking me what are we doing? why can’t we go? who’s slippers are those? the coat? etc., etc., etc., we claimed success on all returns and got to leave the building… and none too soon… my eyes were beginning to twitch!

Have a great weekend everyone, get out and enjoy the snow! Also, don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper, milk and bread cause a nor’easter is heading our way Saturday night!

Ciao for now, Bubbie & Me

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