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VERMONT An outsider’s inside view

by Linda Warner

Book1A fine arts photo book depicting the people and places of Vermont by photographer, Edward L. Rubin.

Vermont, an outsider’s inside view, is the first photo book from multi-talented artist and photographer, Edward L. Rubin.  A native Californian, Rubin fell in love with the people of Vermont when working as production designer on an independent film in 1998.  Set in Vermont because the producer’s family was from there (and the film was to be shot on their land to save money), the film-making experience in Vermont opened a door to a people and lifestyle the Hollywood-bred Rubin never imagined.  In his own words, Rubin says, “There was no façade, no pretension with these people… They didn’t behave as if life were some kind of dress rehearsal; they were firmly rooted in the here and now.  Vermonters lives are deeply tied, not only to each other, but to the land they live on.”

Book2Once the idea took hold, a book about the people and land of Vermont was a creative spark that could not be ignored.  Four years of constant work and over 20,000 images resulted in “Vermont An insider’s inside view,” the story of Vermonters who welcomed an outsider into their midst.  Rubin portrays his subjects with a truth and honesty.  Photographed as and where they were, using existing light, it is clear that Rubin was not viewed as an outsider, but as someone these people welcomed into their lives.

Book3The book itself is 228 pages of full page color and black and white photos.  Rubin has also included a short description of each photo and the circumstances under which it was taken.  These photo captions tell a story in and of themselves.  Available in bookstores and online, this magnificent book is a must have for everyone who has that special place in their heart for Vermont and its people.


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