Vermont Creamery Creme Fraiche
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Vermont Creamery: Bringing It Home

by Staff

We’re barely a few days into November and we can already tell that it’s going to be a good month. Case in point – on Friday, Vermont Creamery released two products available for the first time in the Green Mountain State. And Lordy! are they delicious. Previously available only at Whole Foods, the kind folks at Vermont Creamery have brought home two amazing additions to compliment their already mouth watering line of cheeses and treats.

Introducing: Maple & Sea Salt Cultured Butter and Crème Fraiche with Madagascar Vanilla. We were lucky enough to be able to sample both of these products, and we hesitate to tell you about them only because we’re considering raising funding to buy out the entire stock for ourselves.

Crème Fraiche with Madagascar Vanilla

Vermont Creamery Creme Fraiche

I’m going to be honest, we are huge foodies here at Probably not that surprising when you see how many of our posts have to do with either restaurants or recipes/dishes, or when you take a look at our Burlington Dining Guide page. So when given a product like Madagascar Vanilla Creme Fraiche to try, we get pretty darn excited. Now, Creme Fraiche sometimes gets a bad rap and is labeled as ‘sour’ or some other undeserved description, however, after trying the Vermont Creamery version, we’ve made it our personal mission to dispel that erroneous accusation. Smooth, sweet, subtle and perfect are the first words that come to mind. Equally delicious with a side of berries or in some brownies, this Creme Fraiche is going to be your new favorite kitchen ingredient. Do your taste buds a favor and give it a try – we guarantee you’ll love it.

Cultured Butter with Maple & Sea Salt

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter

The perfect mix of sweet and savory, it’s difficult to imagine a dish that wouldn’t be complimented by this unique butter. Using Vermont cream from a local St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, combined with sea-salt crystals and pure Vermont maple sugar from Butternut Mountain Farms – we were blown away by the intensity of flavors coming from this deceptively simplistic product. We used a very liberal amount on cinnamon, apple pancakes – but are looking forward to using it with cookies, oatmeal, butternut squash, or pretty much any recipe you can think of.

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter with Bread

Click here for a chance to win a Vermont Creamery gift pack (with samples of both the Creme Fraiche and the cultured butter) and to learn how some amazingly creative food-bloggers are utilizing these new products.

Currently available at Healthy Living, City Market and Hunger Mountain, we’re sure you can hasten their arrival by inquiring with your local retailer. Now in their twenty-ninth year of business, Vermont Creamery is a leading American creamery crafting innovative, all-natural fresh and aged goat cheeses, crème fraiche, mascarpone, and European-style cultured butter. The creamery supports a network of more than 20 goat dairy farms, providing milk that meets the highest standards of purity, and is a proud contributor to the health of local agriculture. To be frank, we haven’t had anything from Vermont Creamery that hasn’t been fantastic, and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.

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