Travels with Bubbie

We’ll be coming around the mountain…

by Bubbie

…when we come, We’ll be coming around the mountain when we come, etc., etc., I’m not sure I can even remember the rest of the words of that old classic. Anybody??

Today we traveled to Rupert, VT, Population 50, (okay so It’s probably a few more than that). On the 2nd Wednesday of every month the Rupert Leisures, a senior group, put on a luncheon at the Fire House in Rupert. The meal is cooked and served by volunteers from the Merck Forestry Group. They do a great job; the food is great, the desserts are unbelievable, and they have great door prizes to boot. Who out there couldn’t use some more knick-knacks for their house?

Our little group, of Bubbie, myself, Audrey, Lois, and June usually leave there with something. Today however we left there empty handed… not that Bubbie didn’t try to fake the ticket numbers! Imagine that will you… 93year old Thelma to my Louise is going to have us banned from all the senior groups in Bennington Country before she is done! What am I to do? I simply hang my head and walk out!

I hope everybody is out enjoying the warm weather, but make sure you have stones in your shoes so that the wind does not carry you away! Two days of this is enough though… we need to get back to that pretty white stuff!

Ciao for now… Bubbie & Me

Funny thought for the day: “I was under medication when I made the decision not to burn the tapes.” – Richard Nixon

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